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How to create data-driven Facebook posts?

According to the Full Stack Growth Framework, there is no such to-do that you have to write a new blog article or Facebook post just because you have to communicate with your followers at least three times a week.

This is bullshit.

You will never achieve a worthwhile result only with this.

All communication steps should only be carried out in a data-driven manner.

Here’s an example of how:

The challenge

The challenge is that some people find it difficult to get a Christmas tree, to set it up, and to clean it up during and after the holidays.

That will be the WHY – the reason to buy what you offer as a solution.

You sell a particular type of plastic pine. Good solution.

Therefore, you are a member of a Facebook group about Christmas ideas where there are 1,000 members, and there are ten active conversations a day on average about who, where, how, for how much, and when gets the Christmas tree.

So, you want to sell for the group members.

Your Facebook post will only be effective if you first answer three questions and build the post based on the answers: Why, How and What?


Why is your Facebook post being created? As soon as you can answer the WHY, you will find the goal that you want to achieve with your post.

Let’s say you offer a plastic pine tree in different qualities, at higher and lower prices, and you don’t know which one will work.

This will be the WHY of your Facebook post.

The goal is

to find out how many people, when, for how much, and under what conditions are willing to pay for a plastic pine tree this season?

Once the post has a WHY, it will have a precise PURPOSE.

The purpose of the Facebook post is to get 100 people to answer this question.


The next question is how do you achieve this Facebook goal?

After some research and analysis, let’s say you find out that you can expect 100 answers by doing it through a questionnaire and in return you give away a free product or vouchers.



Once we answered the HOW, the final task is to design the post itself, the WHAT.

How long should the post be, should it have a photo or video, should it have another link to the questionnaire, or what kind of coupons should you give?

To answer the questions, look at all the posts in the Facebook group you are planning to post to, and see what kind of posts the members reacted to, and how?

What did people like more times, what did they share, and what posts did they comment more times?

Data will show you how our Facebook post should look like and work to achieve its goal.

Well, this is how a data-driven Facebook post looks like.

The effectiveness of such a post is incomparably better than any other method.

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