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About me

I inspire, motivate and teach other people to develop a lifestyle entrepreneurial life.

Whatever I do, value creation and learning are motivating me.

Since 2001, I have made my own decisions at my own risk, by controlling my schedule, energy, and money.

I’m a serial entrepreneur. Lifestyle Designer.

I am the father of four daughters, and I live a truly harmonious and happy life with our loved ones, friends and acquaintances.

Who is a Lifestyle Entrepreneur

By definition, a Lifestyle Entrepreneur possesses the knowledge and skills to manage his/her business and generate revenue from anywhere at any time.

The story of Design Your Life

Sometimes at the end of 2016, I had to plan and conduct the market entry of a technology startup in the US. The goal was millions of online product downloads in a 350 million market amidst intense competition.

I was full of ideas, equipped with the best data mining tools in the world that were programmed there in the office in San Francisco next to me, while I was surrounded by the world’s most respected mentors, investors, and consultants.

Those who have been involved in building the world’s most valuable technology companies at Facebook, Airbnb, Twitter, Yelp, just to name a few.

So all the necessary resources were provided for a successful entry and an unstoppable online growth. However, I was not alone with this. Meanwhile, I was surrounded by hundreds of super-talented startups trained in the best schools who were supported by their investors with money. Some of them were very successful, but most of them didn’t make it by the next round of investment.

I asked myself, how can this happen?

Why is it that some startups are successful with the same opportunities while others are not? I knew I felt that if I find the answer to that, then whatever I do in the online space, it will be successful.

That’s why I’ve assessed my entrepreneurial experiences from many industries over the last eighteen years, with all my successes and failures, and compared them with others. For months, day and night, I was just researching, reading, and interviewing others to find handrails, patterns, and building blocks for successful online entry and growth.

Then one day everything clicked into place.

And I have defined the framework of long-term online growth.

How effective is this?

While some can only achieve short-term, though spectacular, success, those who use my framework succeed in their long-term sustainable growth path and achieve their goals sequentially in the long run.

I called this framework the Full Stack Growth Cycle.

Do you want to know how the framework works?.

Listen to this.

If you enjoy reading or listening to me at other times, I will email you about my latest blogs. OK?


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