Projects I'm proud of

Some projects I've sold, some are out of market, and some are still has been operating


Whatever I do, my main goal is creating value and to have fun.

Travelution - Online networking marketing

The Swiss-based Fireflies travel agency network had 70,000 members without an online presence. I was entrusted with developing a digital ecosystem that helps a continuously expanding community that has hundreds of thousands of members, under the same brand, to multiply their numbers by leveraging the benefits of the cutting-edge Internet and mobile technologies. When I was ready with the concept of how to build I've shared this video with my Client as the first word about Travelution. The idea was bought immediately. You can enjoy the final result of this project at

Datamindly - Consulting Agency
San Francisco - Budapest

Datamindly is a fresh international digital strategy agency data scientists, analysts, psychologists, and marketers are teaming up to pull off data-driven digital strategies for clients.

Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center - Growth coaching
San Francisco

I am delighted that this is my fourth year that I’m an active member of a global project that’s goal is to help 2,000 technology startups to enter the American market. Of course, this requires a NASDAQ and massive resources. As a so-called executive growth coach, my job is to support technology startups entering the US market. Are you interested in this opportunity as well? Talk to me.

Thyme Kitchen & Delicatesse - Étterem

As a teenager, I was dreaming of my own restaurant. I was curious about the challenges of the catering market in tourism. It is truly a special feeling when hundreds of people eat, drink and have fun “at your place”. I opened my restaurant with 100 seats in Gozsdu Courtyard in downtown Budapest in 2013, which was kind of a Spanish tapas bar. One year after opening, we had such traffic that visitors had to book a table for 2 weeks in advance. It’s not a wonder that others liked it...

Startup - business coaching

Social responsibility has long been established in me. It is important for me to give back something to society.

The best way I could support the development of the domestic startup ecosystem is to coach and train startup entrepreneurs each month. Some of the startups I trained, had achieved their international goals. I received this appreciation from the National Research, Development and Innovation Office of Hungary for my 4 years of work volunteer work.

Crowdsourcing - Online innovációs platform

When the so-called sharing economy started in America, and open innovation platforms were emerging, I built a crowdsourcing online platform through which international brands could engage the web community in creative work, breaking down their local, time and capacity constraints. Before I sold the project, it already generated a few million.

Education - Digital Entrepreneur Academy

I founded CONCILIUM in 2012. It was the first nationally accredited, graduate-level higher education institution where C-level executives (CEOs, COOs, CFOs) shared their daily practices with students preparing for online career. Unfortunately, the project was ruined by the financial and moral crisis, and the sponsors backed out from the project. Since then, many successful higher education institutions have been established following the CONSiLIUM model. This impact makes me happy.

Human Value Internatinal - Organisational development
Hungary - Bulgaria - Romania - Serbia - Cyprus - California

I founded my first startup in 2001 and exit from in 2011.  Human Value International is specialized in head-hunting and organization development, In 2005 HVI was present in 5 countries led by 5 country managers and employed 38 people. In 15 different business sectors, we HVI conducted over 500 change management projects internationally and generated over $10 million in revenue.

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