My corporate clients tell about me

Telecom reference Bálint Vojnits

"During our cooperation, we were all pleased"

HP reference Bálint Vojnits

"I have been consistently impressed by the consultants' approach towards their work and their performance on the job"

Avaya reference Bálint Vojnits

"...Bálint's work has been a major factor in our business success helping it to become one of the company's three World-wide service centers..."


"We are highly satisfied with the successful work and the outcome of our relationship..."

Nasdaq referencia

"Our community of founders found value in Bálint's tactical approach to the Full Stack Growth Cycle, he is always interactive and engaging, not just a talking head"


"Consultants represented a high level of empathy and professionalism during our collaboration through all projects"


"Bálint has strong experience and the knowledge to lead others toward solutions and to manage the resources and decisions entrusted to him equitably and responsibly."

Microsoft referencia

"Balint's provided business with excellent support"

SAAB technologies referencia

"We are very satisfied with the final results we have achieved"

FHB Bank referencia

"Bálint's conduct excellent organization development using his data-driven approach."

Bálint Vojnits

Data-driven Digital Growth

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