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Lecture: Bálint Vojnits

What do you learn?

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  • How to prepare for go to market?
    Self-awareness assessment, SMART Goal techniques

1. igényfelmérés 
2. Competition research
3. Online testing techniques
4. Minium Valuable Product

  • Data-driven online stragegy

Research & Analytics

  • Advanced Google search techniques?

  • Online market research and competition research techniques

  • How to access to hidden data and information on Facebook?

  • How to access to hidden LinkedIn information?

Online communication channels

  • How to build communication funnel?

  • How to get followers on Youtube?

  • Video distribution ads

  • How to increase your Video views?

  • How to build professional Facebook Page?

  • How to use all Facebook features?

  • How to get followers on Instagram?

  • How to create professional LinkedIn Page?

  • What features to use and how on LinkedIn?


  • Your Secretary Apps

  • Online Accounting Apps

  • E-mail automation

  • Chatbot

Create your "digital Me"

  • How you should look like online?

  • One-pager & complex websites

  • Creating and optimizing your
    e-commerce webshop

Free and paid Apps

  • Apps to build website on the go

  • Apps to write blogs on the go

  • Apps to edit pics on the go

  • Data analyst Apps

Targeting the right users

  • Who is your customer and why?

  • How to segment customers?

  • How to reach market fit?

Human resource management

  • How to build competency map?

  • How to use Project Management Apps?

  • How to outsource work?

Business plan

  • Startup growth's stages

  • How to calculate online costs?

  • What's reverse engineering?

  • Activity Based Costing

  • Online pricing, discounts


  • How to produce stunning Videos?

  • How to manage videos from mobile?

  • Hos to optimise Youtube videos?

  • (Video scenarios, video  file optimization, stunning thumbnails, video cards)

  • How to get followers?


  • Type of blogs to use

  • How to create evergreen blogs?

  • How to rank 1st on Google?

Website without coding

  • How to create website within 1 week?

  • Web structures and SEO frameworks

  • Design & Prototyping Apps

  • Free . 4K pictures, videos

Bálint Vojnits

Data-driven Digital Growth

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