Az adatvezérel online marketing magasiskolája

Ha te is meg akarod tanulni mindazt az adatvezérelt online marketinget, ahogy olyan cégek épültek fel és váltak a világ legértékesebb cégeivé a UBER, Facebook, Airbnb, Indeed, Twitter, Yelp, and SalesForce.

€ 300

40 hours video content

6 worksheets

Life-long access

TV, lap-top, iPad, iOS, Android


Money back gouarantee


Content by Bálint Vojnits

What do you learn?

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Hozzáférést kapsz a szabad vállalkozói életforma teljes eszköztárához

To generate revenue anytime, anywhere with your customers, followers, partners, and suppliers continuously, without physical and time constraints, you need to rely on a toolbar-set around you that is suitable to your goals.

Here’s an optimal toolbar that you can easily use to build your own:

1. Practical Apps of use

2. Essential technical tools

3. Best free and paid softwares

4. Knowledge transfer resources

We set your online strategy (video intro)

The plan of implementation is strategy. By definition, strategy is a concept that captures the long-term goals of your business, defines the resources needed, and the key steps to achieve those goals. You can accomplish the steps outlined in the strategy by the deadline if the resources and costs of the implementation are predictable, you make your ways to reach the goal, so you know in advance why, how and what you are going to do.

We build your "digiatl Me" brand

Your "digital ME" brand is built on your own “why" story.

This is that you create the main message of your business from, and you create your own introduction based on this.

Your “why” is the reference point that is coming through all your content, and will affect your communication and thus your business results.

When you introduce yourself, you only have a few seconds to say something that will make an impact in the other party’s head forever. To do this, you need to be able to distinguish yourself and your offer from others.

You have to strive to be unique and credible in what you represent. Be crystal clear about how someone else can be better, more beautiful, smarter, happier with your solution.

We identify your target audience and build a stable follower base

By the end of the course, you will learn how and where to find your target audience, and how automations help you maintain your increasingly colorful and complex community.

It’s not worth to start an online business until you know who your customers are.

But more importantly, why they are your customers?

I know that when a good idea comes to your mind, you want to share everyone right away. This way, you make sure that your message/offer does not really reach anybody, because there will be only a few who feel being addressed. Don’t try to get the attention of the whole online market first. This is not necessary. The total market must be aquired via niche markets. I will show you how step by step.

How to produce evergreen content?

This is a huge topic.


1. Case studies

2. Comparison of products

3. The story of something

4. Checklists

5. Recommended books and reads

6. Tips and tricks

7. Update of an old content

8. Terms and abbreviations

9. Solutions of known problems

10. Success stories

11. Failures

12. Interviews with famous people

13. A story

14. Pros and cons

15. Posts based on lists

16. Introduction to a topic

17. How to do something/detailed descriptions

18. Infographics

19. Videos

What is the difference? How to do it? By the end of the course you will learn all of this.

We rank your content on the top of Google Search

We optimize your online content to rank on the top of Google search engine

Important rule: we optimize for algorithms but write for humans.

The goal of search engine optimization is to rank at the top of the Google search engine when the target audience is searching for a solution on the web.

Which keywords are your potential customers searching for? What are the most effective keywords? What is the position of your main competitors for these keywords?

During the online course, we will give you the right answers to these questions as well.

You learn how to take advantage on online automation

To stay competitive, you need to use the process-facilitating advances of modern technology. These are the automated reports you receive on your phone about statistics such as when and how many people viewed your video and your article, how many made purchases, and who didn’t, why not, where they came from, where they clicked on? Online business processes can be automated one by one: your communication, your accounting, your logistics, your administration, your content production, your self-development, your sales and your customer service too. You are just one button away from taking advantage of the data and learning about the toolbox of automations from my upcoming e-learning course.

We will build your professional social media profiles

We'll create professional Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles according to your own style and branding message. We build communication channels to effectively reach your target audience.

You’ll also learn how to manage multiple communication channels simultaneously and deliver content to hundreds of thousands of people from your mobile at one click.

We set your SMART goals

In most cases, success depends on being able to articulate your goals and be well prepared for the change. In this module you will learn the data driven technique of goal setting.

Correct goal setting is critical because goals define focus. If your focus is not tuned, your effort is easily wasted, and your resources are quickly exhausted.

We begin with a detailed self-assesment exercise that allows us to set up both your personal and S.M.A.R.T. business goals. A smart goal is always specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and timed.

The main goal is to divide your journey into sub-goals assigned to online action plans.

We set up your customer capture processes (video intro)

The task is to create different but complementary online content on the same topic. Articles, photos, videos. You then place these contents on your communication channels (your landing page, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram) and link them, making them clickable from one to the other. These links directing to each other direct your visitors towards engagement, that is the so-called hard conversion.

Watch the metaphorical explanation of the online customer capturing process in this video.

You master the technique of data-driven content production

To rank at the top of Google search results without paying (so called organically), you need to produce data-driven content.

Data-driven content production has a well-defined framework and toolkit.

Data-driven content is pre-designed and built on data.

When designing data-driven online content, we consider the following aspects:

Accessibility - How easy, smooth and error-free is Google’s ability to scan and read the content, ie. how “does the content speak the language of Google”?

Relevancy - How relevant is the content on your website? Google considers itself to be the most effective search engine because its algorithms can interpret the quality of content and the form that visitors get on a page that Google values with organic search results.

Authority - What quality and quantity of external websites refer to our own content? Google treats topic-specific web pages that are highly visited and frequently referenced by others as the most valuable.

Do you want to master this?

We find market fit for your product/service

It is important that your idea, product or service fits to the market you address. You have to figure out why others are willing to sacrifice time, energy and money to gain access to your offer. The good one will remedy the problem of many people or satisfy the desire or need of many. These are the main motivations that drive people. Therefore, you need to start a communication that activates these motivations and the process is repeatable.

Do you want to learn best practices of motivating and engaging online visitors?

You will learn to think in a data-driven way and to make objective decisions

The most valuable benefits of the Internet is that all behaviour, reactions and gestures can all be measured and analyzed online. It's an open book.

The data is waiting for you to take advantage of it.

Do you want to get this advantage as well? Where is this data? How do you get this data?

The key to creating a lasting Lifestyle Business is to be able to make strategic, marketing and human business decisions based on objective information. Just like in finance.

This does not mean that you do not listen to your instinctive intuitions but you might justify your decisions with data before you act.

You will learn how to build a professional website in one week for free

Your own website is your digital business card, the starting and ending point of your communication funnel.

All websites seem to be different. However, in reality, this is not the case.

During the course, you will learn how to build your own website without having to code it. You get video support for all of this, where we build our own website step by step.

Do you have your own website? You might apply a few change on it.

By the end of this learning phase, you will learn the components and structures behind web pages and discover the logic behind the operation of colors and forms.

You will understand why the design of a website, allocation of content, navigation, and finally the automation and algorithms behind websites matter.

Do you want to learn more about building powerful and converting websites?

What is e-learning?

E-learning means that the curriculum is accessible via the Internet. Knowledge is delivered to the students through video recording.

The content of your curriculum is available in a separate audio and text format as well.

Each lesson in the e-learning curriculum includes personalized homework, which is a prerequisite for moving on.

You can access content anytime, anywhere, and I keep you updated.

The e-learning curriculum is accessible through any mobile device, all you need is Internet connection.

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