The Handbook of Digital Lifestyle Businesses

From this free book, you can learn in 9 steps how to set and run online businesses successfully.

Lifestyle Business

is your balanced Entrepreneural life.

  • if you never want to work in an office again, it is possible.

  • if you want to start a new career alongside your job, it is possible.

  • if you want to spend more time with your family, it is possible.

  • if you want to create something lasting, it is possible.

  • if you want development and recognition, it is possible.

  • if you want so much money that makes you a free person, it is possible.

  • if you have 10 hours a week, 
    it is possible.

  • while traveling as much as you want, it is possible.



author: Balint Vojnits
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Bálint Vojnits

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